Merson believes Arsenal can win titles if they don’t lose to Toffees

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Former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson believes his former club could have won the Premier League title this season if they beat Everton last week.

Mikel Arteta’s side lost their second game of the season. But still keeping a five-point lead and playing less than one game ufabet as Manchester City also lost to Spurs, Merson said the Gunners would have gone on to win the title if they won the game at Goodison Par. c

“Arsenal will win the league on Saturday with a win at Goodison Park,” Merson wrote to Sky Sports. “What happened to Man City at Tottenham for sure. m on sunday My thoughts must have been sealed.”

“They have a good margin at this time of the season. This is not the time to panic for Arsenal and Mikel Arteta.

“It was the perfect game for Everton and the worst for Arsenal and Mikel Arteta, it was always a difficult situation and they were always following you. Doesn’t let you have time to play with the ball, but if Eddie Nketiah scores from an opportunity in the first half It will be a different game.”

“I think Arsenal will win the game from there. That’s what we always talk about. It’s just the slightest difference to a top-tier game.”