Odegaard reveals a great welcome during the King’s era

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Arsenal midfielder Martin Odegaard has recalled his time as a Real Madrid new signing and how nervous he was at facing superstars. but received a wonderful welcome

The Norway international joins the Santiago Fencing. At the age of 16 in 2015, the Bernabéu could not yet speak Spanish. But fortunately there are some players who can communicate in English and help him very well early on, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Luka Modric who used to play in the Premier League and Toh. This is Kroos

“What was in my head at the time was how would everyone treat me when I walked into the dressing room? Because the little boy can’t speak Spanish at all,” Odegaard told The Players ufabet.

“But everyone was very kind, the English-speaking people had Kroos, Modric and Ronaldo, they took special care of me when I joined a new club.”

“They gave me a lot of advice and help. But to be honest I don’t think anyone is particularly concerned about a 16-year-old from Norway vying for a place in the squad.

Aged 16 years and 157 days, Odegaard became the youngest player in Real Madrid history after replacing Ronaldo in a 7-3 win over Getafe in May 2015.