Burberry Kisses Matte Lipstick, matte texture

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It’s time to be hot again when  Burberry Beauty  reveals another new lipstick from the Burberry Kisses collection with the launch of Burberry Kisses Matte, a bright lipstick in a matte texture. With more than 20 shades full of colors for the young woman to choose a match, beautiful lips, as she likes in every style. As well as rising-city star model Fran Summers. Who appeared in the latest campaign photos as key brand ambassador from Suffo Moncloa to celebrate timeless beauty. That comes with outstanding, confident and dare to make a difference ufabet https://ufabet999.com.

This time, she comes in a seductive red lip look that is mesmerizing when paired with a bright backdrop. Inspired by one of the collection’s signature shades, The Red , it impeccably embodies the feminine , elegant and strong Burberry Beauty.

Burberry Kisses Matte is designed to deliver impressive results that last all day. It features intensely pigmented pigments that last up to 8 hours. Full-coverage immediately, comes with a matte finish In a new and beautiful form with a luminous matt finish. Distinctive colors are attractive. It is also a formula enrich with hyaluronic acid. Keeps lips moisturize and comfortable for 24 hours and infuse with the fresh, aesthetic scent of rose that completes the senses.

Comes in a new shiny gold packaging engraved with the brand’s iconic Burberry Check pattern. There are 20 shades to choose from, with 4 signature shades as follows:

Matte The Red No. 106 catches the eye with its signature shade of bright red that stands out on Fran Summers’ lips in a campaign photo. The Red shade is chose for the collection of Burberry. And Burberry Beauty to reflect classic and elegant but hidden with full confidence

Next up is one of the brand’s most popular and best-selling shades, Matte Russet No. 93, which comes in a reddish-brown tone. Easy to match with all skin tones. Inspired by tan leather.

then change Looks beautiful, chic, soft. With a nude pink lipstick in the shade Matte Soft Pink No. 12 inspired by the color of English rose petals. Gives a beautiful glow that blends naturally with the color of the lips. And can’t miss the dark red shade like Matte Burgundy No. 102. Which is said to be the origin of this classic but sleek burgundy color. Inspired by signature shades from the Olympia crescent design bag collection.