Kingsley Coman is fit to return to the Tigers after two months of rest.

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Kingsley Coman, France forward, has recovered from a knee injury. And is ready to take part in Saturday’s Der Klassiger game.

Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel confirm on Friday that French forward Kingsley Coman is fit and ready to return to the field in the ‘Der Klassiger’ game against. Borussia Dortmund on the Bundesliga stage this Saturday.

Coman injured his left knee MCL in the 3-2 win over Augsburg in late January. Resulting in the 27-year-old attacker having to rest for about two months to rehabilitate and miss the game. Played with Bayern in every competition for the last 9 matches before the Frenchman recovered and was ready to be an option for this important game on Saturday. 

Kingsley Coman is a key factor for us. And will be back on the team on match day. Serge Gnabry is back as well. Both of them are very important to us. Our offensive options are getting bigger and bigger. And the competition for the title will hopefully improve in quality.

After the UEFA Champions League final game, it is believe that the name “Kingsley Coman” or whether it is pronounced “Kingsley Coman” depends on the individual’s approach. It will be talk about for many days to come. Because besides this guy being the one who head the winning goal that decid the game against the agency that start. His football career like Paris Saint-Germain, leading the team to win the championship successfully.

Along with winning the award for best player or man of the match. when looking back This is one football player. Who created many phenomena and has quite an interesting life story. And 1 of them is consider to be the history of the UEFA Champions League football industry.

When looking at the old statistics. Besides this 24 year old young man causing mischief by robbing the champion that was waiting for him. PSG’s goal was the tone in this game. It was also the first time that a footballer scored a goal against his former team in the final game.

His feat, which brought him the Man of the Match award. Made him the second youngest player since 2000 to win the Best Player award. In the UEFA Champions League finals at the age of just 24 years and 71 days.